STA youth band is a Christian worship band that is longing to inspire people to worship Jesus. Our band consists of around ten musicians and singers, All our work is based on God’s grace that gave us a lot of opportunities not only to play in our church but especially to lead Worship in other churches all around hamburg and surrounding areas. 

Our vision is to combine community, worship, music and a personal relationship with Jesus while having fun.

Creative Team

STA creative team is an extensive group with many areas to develope your creativity as : Decoration team, Social Media team, Media team, Welcome team, Events team and much more.

With the goal of inspiring and reaching other youth by creating a desire to follow Jesus using the talents he gave to each one of us.

Tech Team

STA tech team is a group who is passionate for sound, production, video and lighting.  Our responsability is to create a great atmosphere by delivering the best sound and technologial support in church.

We are seaching for people with desire of learning how to handle tech equipment, and passionate to serve. 

Food Team

STA food team is the  responsible for  preparing small snacks and drinks for the people in church, our duty is to create a great atmosphere and environment for everyone.

We are searching for people who are passionate for serving and cooking or just wanting to learn.

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